Acton CA

Acton CA is a pleasant residential community tucked into the Sierra Pelona Mountains. It has several historic buildings dating back to the wild west days of the 1880s, including the 49er saloon which has remained open over 100 years. The western theme in Acton CA is carried over into the architecture of local homes as well as residents’ hobbies, as many locals enjoy horseback riding. Although it is not technically located in the Antelope Valley, Acton CA has close ties with this area and is often associated with it for business purposes. If you’ve had a disaster on your Acton CA property, AV Flooded House Restoration can help. We provide all the services necessary for recovering from a disaster, including removal of ruined materials, water extraction, drying, sanitizing, and reconstruction services. We can create a custom package including all the services necessary for your project for a fast and cost-effective recovery.

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