Sewage Damage in Acton CA

Protect your health with professional remediation of sewage damage in Acton CA

Sewage DamageAfter any sewage spill in Acton CA, you will be facing two problems: water damage and contamination. Even if you’re dealing with nothing more complicated than a backed up toilet, if the water flooding your home has been in contact with sewage, it could be carrying disease. Don’t put your family or your property at risk by trying to clean up on your own! Instead, clean up sewage damage in Acton CA quickly and safely with help from AV Flooded House Restoration.

We Leave Your Property Clean and Dry

When it comes to sewage damage in Acton CA, you ordinary cleanup crew won’t cut it. You need specialized attention from a company with expertise in the safe handling of sewage. At AV Flooded House Restoration, our employees are fully trained in industry best practices for sewage damage restoration. You can rely on us to perform all of the following vital steps with the utmost professionalism:

  • Initial damage assessment for insurance
  • Removal & proper disposal of all unsalvageable materials
  • Water extraction, including safe disposal of dirty water
  • Sanitizing using industry-approved cleaning solutions
  • Strategic placement of fans and dehumidifiers for drying

In cases of extensive sewage damage in Acton CA, sewage may have penetrated into structural spaces in the building. We will check for the presence of sewage with moisture meters and then open up walls and floors as needed to effect a thorough cleanup. It may seem like we are doing more damage, but in reality by opening up walls and floors to dry and clean them we are guarding against future risk of problems with mold, odors, or illness.

Call Us Before You Throw Anything Away

Even minor sewage spills in Acton CA can end up costing major money due to the fact that many porous materials cannot be properly sanitized and must be thrown away. At AV Flooded House Restoration, our professional sewage cleanup crews know exactly what can and cannot be salvaged following contact with sewage. We will help make sure you don’t waste your money throwing out items that could actually be saved or put your health at risk by keeping items that can’t be thoroughly cleaned.

Call Now for Emergency Help with Sewage Damage in Acton CA

Have you had a sewage spill in Acton CA on your property? Don’t panic. No matter how much or how little sewage has contaminated your property, AV Flooded House Restoration will mobilize a speedy response to clean it up. You can call 800-248-5065 any time for emergency service.


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