Mold Removal in Lancaster CA

Protect your home and your health with professional mold removal in Lancaster CA

Mold RemovalDiscovering extensive mold growth in your home can be quite alarming. You should not tolerate any amount of mold growth in your home, since mold will not only damage every surface it touches but also release spores that can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation. Fortunately, you can turn to AV Flooded House Restoration for thorough mold removal in Lancaster CA.

Do You Need Professional Mold Removal in Lancaster CA?

If any of the following scenarios sound familiar, you need professional mold removal in Lancaster CA:

  • Someone in your home experiences allergy-like symptoms
  • Your home frequently smells musty or moldy
  • You have discovered a patch of mold 3×3 feet or larger
  • You have recently had water damage on the property

At AV Flooded House Restoration, we know exactly how to proceed with a safe and effective mold removal in Lancaster CA. We can tell the difference between materials that can be successfully cleaned and materials that must be thrown away. We can work directly with your insurance company if needed to facilitate mold removal in conjunction with a water damage restoration or sewage cleanup project.

We  Help Keep Mold From Returning

Mold prevention and mold removal in Lancaster CA should always go hand in hand. At AV Flooded House Restoration, we care about your long term satisfaction with our work. That’s why we include two mold prevention activities in every cleanup. First off, we clean walls, floors, and other surfaces with fungicides so mold can’t grow there again. Second, we suggest ways to eliminate the wet conditions that made your property attractive to mold in the first place. We can provide services like pipe repair and water extraction to ensure that your property is dry and inhospitable to mold following our remediation activities.

Call Now to Banish Mold for Good

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