Quartz Hill CA

Quartz Hill CA is located in the High Desert north of LA. Quartz Hill CA started out as an agricultural community, and in fact up until the 1970s the primary business was growing almonds and alfalfa and raising turkeys. With the growth of LA requiring more and more water, and a disease striking the almond orchards, Quartz Hill CA transitioned from agriculture to aerospace with many residents finding work at the nearby Boeing or Lockheed Martin facilities. Quartz Hill CA still pays homage to its past with an annual Almond Blossom Festival. If you’ve had a disaster on your Quartz Hill CA property, AV Flooded House Restoration can help. We provide all the services necessary for recovering from a disaster, including removal of ruined materials, water extraction, drying, sanitizing, and reconstruction services. We can create a custom package including all the services necessary for your project for a fast and cost-effective recovery.

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