Santa Clarita CA

Santa Clarita CA has grown from a railroad town to the third largest city in Los Angeles County, largely by annexing other small communities over the years. Today it is considered an excellent example of a “boomburb” or suburb that thrives by being on the edge of a larger urban area. For many years Santa Clarita CA was a popular site for filming westerns, including many films starring John Wayne. A dark point in Santa Clarita CA’s history came in 1928, when the collapse of the St Francis Dam flooded the area and took hundreds of lives. If you’ve had a problem on your Santa Clarita CA property, AV Flooded House Restoration can help. We provide all the services necessary for recovering from a disaster, including removal of ruined materials, water extraction, drying, sanitizing, and reconstruction services. We can create a custom package including all the services necessary for your project for a fast and cost-effective recovery.

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