Cleanup Services in Santa Clarita CA

Save time, money, and hassle with our professional cleanup services in Santa Clarita CA

Cleanup ServicesFollowing any kind of disaster, be it a storm, flood, or sewage backup, your property may be left in unsanitary and unsafe condition. You can call AV Flooded House Restoration for the fast and thorough cleanup you need. We’ll create a customized plan for restoring your property using the following cleanup services in Santa Clarita CA:

  • Debris removal
  • Water extraction & drying
  • Mold removal & prevention
  • Carpet, wall, & hard surface cleaning
  • Professional sanitizing
  • Lead & asbestos abatement

Benefits of Professional Cleanup Services in Santa Clarita CA

Sometimes homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need professional cleanup services in Santa Clarita CA because the damage was minimal or confined to a small area. The truth of the matter is, while it might be possible to clean up on your own, you can get a faster, cheaper, and more effective result from the pros. Here’s how.

  • Save Time: A fast cleanup is essential for minimizing the secondary effects of the disaster. For instance, the longer you leave a wind-damaged roof unattended, the greater the risk of developing water damage or mold in your attic. While you probably can’t drop everything and dedicate yourself to cleaning right now, AV Flooded House Restoration can. Our emergency cleanup services in Santa Clarita CA are available 24/7 for the fastest possible resolution to your problem.
  • Save Money: No one is going to compensate you for work done on your own home, but your insurance company will pay for professional cleanup services in Santa Clarita CA for any type of disaster covered by your policy. AV Flooded House Restoration has worked with countless insurance companies. We know exactly how to prepare the required damage assessments and we always provide competitive bids to help get your project started quickly.
  • Save Hassle: Attempting to tackle a disaster remediation yourself often complicates the cleanup effort. For example, if you don’t use moisture detection equipment to check for damp areas following a flood, you risk mold and odor problems spreading far beyond the originally affected area. At AV Flooded House Restoration, we provide a no-hassle cleanup experience utilizing industry best practices. You can rely on us to provide the appropriate cleanup services in Santa Clarita CA needed to get the job done right the first time.

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