Broken Pipe Repair

Call AV Flooded House Repair to repair broken pipes and clean up the messes they make.

Broken Pipe RepairWhether a leaky pipe joint in an upstairs bathroom has clean water trickling down your walls or a broken sewer line has dirty water swamping your basement, AV Flooded House Restoration can help. We provide fast and effective service to help stop the flow of water, repair the pipe, and restore your property to pre-disaster condition.

Do You Have a Broken Pipe?

Often, it is fairly obvious you have a broken pipe. You might notice water gushing out from an exposed pipe in your basement or leaking out from the bottom of a wall. But in other cases the leak may be more subtle. Even so, you need to locate and repair the broken pipe in a timely fashion or else risk mold, mildew, and other water damage issues. If you suspect you have a broken pipe, call AV Flooded House Repair. We can not only attend to the pipe itself but also assist with the collateral damage it may have caused.

Key Steps in a Broken Pipe Repair Project

  • Fixing the Pipe: Obviously, locating the break in the pipe is a necessity. If the leak is hidden, we can use moisture detection equipment to pinpoint it. Then, we will shut off the water and provide the necessary repair.
  • Water Extraction & Drying: Even before the pipe repair is complete, we can begin removing water from your home to help minimize the extent of the water damage. We have special truck-mounted equipment for this purpose, as well as large fans and dehumidifiers to further speed drying. We may need to make small holes in walls and other structural cavities to ensure all areas get dried.
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing: If your burst pipe held sewage or graywater, sanitizing is essential to protect your family from pathogens, parasites, and other dangers. Even if it was a clean water pipe that leaked, we will still perform a thorough cleaning with a special solution designed to inhibit mold growth on the wet surfaces as they dry.
  • Reconstruction Services: We can also provide a complete range of reconstruction services to repair any materials that may have been damaged by the water or by efforts to access a hidden pipe.

Get Your Broken Pipe Emergency Under Control Now

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