Flood Damage

Minimize damage to your property with fast and thorough flood damage restoration services.

Flood DamageWhether a single room has been flooded by a burst appliance hose or an overflowing toilet, or whether your entire property has been submerged in muddy runoff from a nearby stream or river, you need help, fast! At AV Flooded House Restoration, we are available 24/7 to assist with flood damage recovery and restoration. No matter how deep and dirty the water may have been, we can get your property back to a clean and dry state.

Key Steps in a Flood Damage Restoration Project

  • Initial Assessment: The first step in any flood damage restoration project is to assess the extent of the damage. Depending on how sanitary or unsanitary the flood water was, we may need to throw away all affected materials. We will provide you with an overview of what items need to be discarded, what can be salvaged, and how much the job is likely to cost. We are happy to work directly with your insurance company on pricing.
  • Water Extraction: Even if the floodwaters have mostly receded, we can still utilize our state of the art water extraction equipment to remove even more moisture from your waterlogged property. The faster this happens the less likely you are to have the moisture cause structural damage.
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing: Next, we will remove any mud, muck, or debris left behind by the flood waters. Even if the water was clean (from a burst fresh water pipe for example) we will still sanitize all affected surfaces to help prevent mold growth. If the water was not clean (containing runoff from nearby streets and soil or contaminated with sewage) we will take extra steps to ensure your property is left in a sanitary condition.
  • Drying & Dehumidifying: By opening up structural pockets that would otherwise harbor hidden moisture, by encouraging air circulation with fans, and by removing moisture from the air with dehumidifiers, we can speed the drying process to help you recover from a flood faster.
  • Repair & Reconstruction: We can also replace or repair any damaged flooring, wallboard, trim, doors, windows, etc. to make sure your property is ready to safely and comfortably reoccupy after the flood.

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