Reconstruction Services

Recover from wind, water, or mold damage faster with our reconstruction services.

Reconstruction ServiceIf your property has been damaged by any kind of wind, water, or mold-related disaster, you have enough stress to deal with without also having to worry about juggling multiple different contractors to handle all your needs. At AV Flooded House Restoration, we make your life easier by handling your entire disaster recovery project from start to finish, providing both cleanup and reconstruction services.

If It’s Ruined, We Replace It

At AV Flooded House Restoration, we have ample experience in all kinds of reconstruction tasks, including those commonly needed following a flood, burst pipe, windstorm, or mold removal project. Here is a sample of the tasks we can handle for you:

  • Replace ruined carpets
  • Restore or replace wood floors
  • Replace doors and windows
  • Repair walls opened to release moisture
  • Repaint walls
  • Install new cabinets
  • Patch roof holes

When necessary, we will bring in additional staff with specialized skills to ensure you receive the best possible reconstruction services.

Why Your Cleanup Crew Should Be Your Reconstruction Crew

There are several excellent reasons why it is in your best interests to let AV Flooded House Restoration handle your project from start to finish:

  • We know what can and can’t be saved: Your average contractor may not know how to distinguish between materials that can be salvaged after water, sewage, or mold damage and materials that must be discarded. They may be overzealous in throwing things away, which will waste your money, or they may try to save things that are actually still contaminated, which will put your health at risk. You can rely on AV Flooded House Restoration to provide honest and accurate information as to what materials can be saved and what needs replacing.
  • We know how to time the project correctly: One of the worst mistakes you can make following a flood is to begin rebuilding before the interior wall and floor spaces have dried thoroughly. This will lead to mold growth and you might very well end up needing to redo the reconstruction work in the near future. At AV Flooded House Restoration, we use moisture detection equipment to prove that spaces are dry before we seal them up with new construction.
  • We can provide a single comprehensive quote: Working with one contractor is simply easier and more convenient. We can provide one quote for the entire job so you know exactly what to expect and can enjoy the same quality workmanship throughout the project.

Call Now to Get Your Project Started

If you need our comprehensive disaster recovery and reconstruction services, simply call now. We can respond 24/7 in an emergency.

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